I’ve seen lots of uncommon things inside my decades invested examining the regarding- and traditional online lesbians dating site companies, but this strikes me as among the odder types.

It’s known as MY Single Band, and it is a bracelet that advertises your own singlehood. Really, it’s the solitary man or woman’s same in principle as a marriage ring – an item of precious jewelry that determines your union status and motivates or discourages approaches from other individuals. Except the extremely colorful MY solitary Bands wont cost you almost whenever a diamond.

“Can you imagine you could recognize everybody who’s single?” requires the solitary business. “more we thought about the thought of determining unmarried people, more we recognized the level that we take a passive way of meeting other people.” Internet dating is actually assisting singles get a far more hands-on approach to their particular really love schedules, but off-line online dating lacks methods that facilitate connection and discourage passivity. “Through enhanced connectivity, MY solitary Band provides destiny, future and fate a helping hand,” the website continues.

If that doesn’t already seem like an over-the-top purpose, simply tune in to just what web site’s creators, Rob younger and Rina Mardahl, have to say. The pair report that the silicone polymer wristbands are the “future of dating” and that, when they find on, MY solitary Bands are positioned to get online dating sites bankrupt. Feels like a tall purchase, should you decide ask me. One that’sn’t more likely to break through anytime soon.

Theoretically, by wearing the Livestrong-esque the solitary Band, you declare your own standing to everyone in hopes that a person will identify the wristband and commence a discussion. It’s a nice idea, but does it remain any chance of in truth?

A good amount of interested (or hitched, for that matter) women can testify that displaying a band to their hands does not do a lot to deter guys from drawing near to them. Which are the chances that a brightly coloured wristband is going to do the opposite?

Next there’s the easy dilemma of recognition. Unless a lot of singles abruptly discover the Single Bands in addition to their value, they don’t come in handy for anything else than accessorizing. In accordance with so many similar rubber wristbands obtainable, our solitary Bands could easily end up being recognised incorrectly as a bucketload of other activities.

Additionally, there is the stigma circumstance. Online dating lugged around a sense of embarrassment for a long time, the one that announcing your own access via a bracelet can potentially embrace. This site’s proprietors are of the opinion their bracelets would shed those problems quickly, but We have my personal worries. I am completely for adding somewhat color to my personal wardrobe, but I do not believe i’m going to be utilizing it to find dates anytime soon.